Dining out valuable tips

  1. Dress properly – There is nothing wrong wearing fitness clothes when dining out at a fast food restaurant. However if you are going to dine out a fancy restaurant, please step it up a little. It is not always nice to wear a jeans and shirt or sneakers, depending of the concept and or location of the restaurant. If you are not sure what to wear, do some research, go online and check for photos of people dining, interior of the restaurant, these will give you a better idea about what to wear. In general the prices of the menu will also give you an idea about what the dress code might be. Some restaurant require a specific dress code, this should be mentioned on their website exactly what the dress code is. There is one simple rule that applies to all restaurants (especially for the ladies but also for the guys): Keep the “girls” into your shirt, pull up those low rise jeans (Guys!!!) and pull down the labia skimming shorts. None of the other restaurant guests would like to see so much skin, but a roasted chicken.


  1. Make a reservation – Most of us take it for granted when it comes to make a reservation for dining at a restaurant. Note that most of us has some requirements when dining out such as, seating – quantity of people – time of arrival but also special requirements for food (vegetarian). Please don’t feel like a celebrity that you can walk in whenever you want and demand that you need to be seated. Even they make reservations beforehand. Never arrive late and thinking that you need to be seated. You choose a time of arrival, don’t get frustrated when you arrive 10 minutes late and you need to wait to be seated or arrive 30 minutes late and the hostess gave away your table. If you have a reservation and you arrived on time but it seems like you have been waiting more than 20 minutes to be seated, please feel free to complain to the restaurant manager but also on tripadvisor.


  1. Closing time – Most of the restaurants might be closing between 10PM and 11PM, this does not mean that you can walk in 10 to 15 minutes prior to closing time and expect to order a full meal. For instant in a bar this problem is solved by just having a last call which is 10 minutes prior to closing and some bars even 45 minutes prior to closing time. In case you want to make a late reservation take note of the restaurant closing time and make a reservation for minimum 1 hour prior to closing time. Restaurant employees stay one hour after closing to clean and prepare for the next day, so the sooner you leave the sooner they can get home with their families or their whiskey.


  1. Cell phone usage – Nowadays at the moment people get seated at a restaurant the first thing they do is getting on the phone. Unless you are a world leader, turn it off. If you must check your phone do it outside. If you have to take a picture of our food, do so but. An then put the phone back in your purse or pocket.


  1. Dining out with the kids– You should be able to examine a restaurant’s website to see if whether the restaurant is proper for kids. As a parent you should know your kids if they are hyperactive or not, just consider that your fellow dinners might have hire a babysitter in order to dine out. If you child happens to we a well behaved child but just of a sudden starts wailing, please take your child out, if after a small walk your child is still wailing it is time to go home. If a restaurant manager happens to ask you to leave the restaurant because your child is not behaving, it is totally fine. Remember a restaurant manger’s duty is to look out for all diners to have a pleasant experience.


Next week we will gave you the last 5 tips.